Heavy duty 100% solids, zero VOC materials, providing protection from extreme mechanical and chemical abuses. PermaTec systems are typically applied between 125 and 250 mils.

PermaTec 3000 (Good) designed to protect concrete from a broad range of chemicals (i.e. 40% Sulfuric Acid)

PermaTec 3000 CT designed for cool temperature applications (45 degrees - 55 degrees F)

PermaTec 3000 XCT designed for cold temperatures (down to 32 degrees F)

PermaTec 4000 (Better) designed to provide more chemical resistance than PermaTec 3000 (i.e. 75% Sulfuric Acid)

PermaTec 5000 (Best) designed to provide the most chemical resistance of our heavy duty toppings (98% Sulfuric Acid)

PermaTec 4000 HT provides resistance to various chemicals at higher temperatures

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PermaTec 3000
PermaTec 4000
PermaTec 5000
PermaTec 4000 HT
PermaTec 3000 CT
PermaTec 3000 XCT