Extra Cold Temperature Construction Material


PERMAGROUT E FS is a 100% solids, non-shrink, high strength epoxy construction material that is easily mixed for grouting at almost any consistency. When filled and mixed according to instructions, high physical properties are achieved, making PERMAGROUT E FS ideal for concrete repair prior to re-topping with another PERMATEC floor coating.


PERMAGROUT E FS is recommended for restoring damaged concrete floors, sumps, trenches, tank pedestals or sloping floors to drains. PERMAGROUT E FS is ideal as a grouting for the frames and baseplates of pumps, gear boxes, electric motors, anchor bolts, etc.


PERMAGROUT E FS comes in pre-packaged units ready for use. It compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states, and the fast cure cycle allows for minimal downtime and a quick repair. PERMAGROUT E FS possesses the same tenacious bonding characteristics and high physical properties as the PERMATEC floor toppings, making it excellent for substrate repair prior to re-topping with a PERMATEC floor. PERMAGROUT E FS has good chemical resistance for alkalines, salts and mild acids.

Typical Properties

Solids, by Volume


Flexural Strength

3,850 psi

Tensile Strength

1,700 psi

Bond Strength To Concrete
ASTM D4541

Failure in concrete

Water Absorption

0.10% Maximum

Compressive Strength

10,000 psi

Packaging and Coverage

PERMAGROUT E FS 1/2 CF kits are packaged in pre-measured 110 lb units consisting of:




Epoxy Resin

1 gallon bucket


1 quart bottle

Blended Silica



1/8-1/4 inch Pea Gravel


Separate bag

NOTE: Components 1, 2 and 3 above are contained within a 5 gallon bucket, which can also be used for mixing PERMAGROUT E FS. There is more silica and pea gravel supplied than will normally be used for any substrate repair operation. The following table supplies basic starting points for silica and pea gravel blends. These amounts can be varied slightly to provide different degrees of workability

Avg depth of pour (Inches)

Amt of Pea Gravel & Silica (Lbs)

Coverage SF/CF


20-25 Silica
15 Silica Broadcast



15 Silica
15 Pea Gravel
10 Silica Broadcast



40 Silica
30 Pea Gravel
5 Silica Broadcast



35 Silica
40 Pea Gravel


To maintain physical integrity, it is not recommended to exceed a 7.5/1 aggregate to resin ratio by weight.

PERMAGROUT E FS is also packaged in 20 gallon and 60 gallon units without the aggregate.


Prior to application, the PERMAGROUT E FS (Resin, Hardener, Pea Gravel and Silica) and the substrate should be between 65 degrees F and 90 degrees F.

A 5 gallon bucket mixer that provides a side and bottom scraping action is recommended for PERMAGROUT E FS. It is advisable to mix the Resin (Part A) and the Hardener (Part B) together for 1 minute prior to the addition of silica or pea gravel. Add the desired amount of silica and pea gravel based on the pour thickness required and mix for another 60 seconds or until the aggregate is thoroughly wet, and pour immediately on the floor.

NOTE: The aggregate must be dry before mixing. If the aggregate packs together when squeezed, it is wet and should not be used.


Depending on the pour thickness, screed raking or hand troweling will be required to achieve the desired placement. Within 10-15 minutes after the PERMAGROUT E FS has been applied, silica should be broadcast on the surface until it is saturated and the excess removed after the material has set. This step produces a mechanical bonding mechanism that will enhance the bond of the final floor topping to the PERMAGROUT E FS.


All mixing and application equipment should be cleaned immediately after use. If this is done, soap and water or biodegradable cleaners can be used. If the material has begun to set, more aggressive solvents will be necessary. Before using solvents, refer to their respective SDS for handling considerations.

Use Time

Assuming a 1-inch fill, the PERMAGROUT E FS will be ready to coat in 3-4 hours with a substrate and ambient temperature of at least 75 degrees F.

NOTE: The thicker the fill, the faster the material will set up. It is advisable to apply the final topping (PERMATEC 3000, 4000, 5000, etc.) within 24 hours of the application of the PERMAGROUT E FS.

Storage and Shelf Life

PERMAGROUT E FS should be stored at 50-90 degrees F in a dry area out of direct sunlight. All containers should remain unopened until ready for use. If stored as set out above, PERMAGROUT E FS has a minimum shelf life of one year.

Where PERMAGROUT E FS Should Not Be Installed

PERMAGROUT E FS should not be applied over substrates:

  • subject to hydrostatic pressure
  • unsound structures
  • contaminated substrates which cannot be cleaned
  • at temperatures below 65 degrees F (Consult ChemProof Polymers)


Read Safety Data Sheets (“SDS”) before using. PERMAGROUT E FS contains blended Epoxies as the resin and blended Amines as the hardener. Protective clothing and gloves are recommended to prevent sensitization to these materials. In case of ingestion or eye contact, it is advisable to contact a physician immediately. SDS are available for this product upon request.


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