Chemproof’s VOC free floor coatings, USDA compliant floor coatings and heavy duty floor coatings are 100% solids, odor free, and provide an integral non-skid finish for the utmost in safety.

The high level of mechanical and chemical abuse, coupled with the extreme thermal shocks generated during sanitation, present one of the harshest environments for industrial floor coatings to survive in. Since we produce materials to meet all those challenges, one of our USDA compliant floor coatings will meet most, if not all, of your food and beverage coating needs.

Zero VOC Epoxy Floor Coatings USDA Compliant Floor Coatings

Food & Beverage Areas / Product Recommendations

Meat Packing

Process/Packing Lines

Chemical Areas

Substrate Rehabilitation

Tank Bases/Pump Pads