Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Coatings


Since 1993 ChemProof has manufactured a line of general purpose industrial floor coatings, grouts and polymer concretes with an empahsis on extreme chemical resistance, durability and cost effectiveness.  All of our materials including our chemical resistant floor coatings and linings are 100% solids and contain zero VOC's.  Regardless of your industrial classification whether it be Chemical Processing, Food and Beverage, Water/Waste Water or any other Allied industry, ChemProof Polymers has industrial floor coatings and linings to meet your needs.

Raw material quality and product formulations are critical in high end chemical resistant floor coatings and linings, and we do not compromise on either.  We also remain quite conservative in the recommendations given to our customers, ensuring no unwanted surprises before or after installation.  Product selection of one of our industrial floor coatings has been made simple through the use of only three resin formulations 3000, 4000, and 5000 which resist virtually all industrial chemicals found in industry today.

Fifty percent (50%) of our staff each has over 20 years of service with ChemProof Polymers, which lends greatly to the consistency and quality of the products our end users have come to expect and appreciate.